4 reasons i love raising a baby in the city

When we first moved to the city, well-meaning people would invariably start humming a similar tune. “Wow, what a great experience! I wish I had done that when I was young,” or, “That’s a wonderful thing to do before you settle down and have kids.” It seems to be a well-known understanding that once you […]

pink lemonade party

Still about a week until her actual birthday, but the celebration is complete! I had so much fun planning her pink lemonade party! What started out as a themed, but casual, get-together in the park somehow morphed into crazy-mom-spends-hundreds-on-one-year-old’s-birthday-party-she’ll-never-remember, but the pictures turned out so cute it was worth all the trouble. I did some […]


I’m currently planning a first birthday party.  Me…a 29-year-old teenager, masquerading as a grown-up mature enough to raise another human being. To keep her alive by providing enough sustenance, teach her the difference between right and wrong, help her learn to be kind, prepare her to live this crazy life…yikes.  Rooster (a name which arose […]