Hi! I’m Britt, a wife and first-time mother to a feisty and adorable toddler. I blog about my experiences learning the ropes of parenting while living in this crazy city. While my daughter may be my sidekick, I do NOT consider myself to be Supermom. I don’t attempt to be the authority on parenting, but try only to share what I’ve learned, in hopes it may help you or maybe just give you hope you’re not the only one!

Here’s our story in a nutshell: My husband Pat and I met in college and dated for three years before getting married the summer after graduation. After our honeymoon we made a big move from California to the east coast, spending our first year of marriage bonding with our new kitten, Leonard, and writing absurdly small rent checks for a 2-bedroom apartment.

One year of bitter cold and sticky humidity was enough to convince us both that a move back to California was badly needed, so we bid farewell to the Atlantic. Four years and four Southern California apartments later, we found ourselves paying more than three times as much as our first place for a 350-foot studio in downtown San Francisco. When I got pregnant, we realized we couldn’t even fit our baby in the closet, so we shelled out an unspeakable amount for a 2-bedroom in a city we had by then totally fallen in love with. We would do it again in heartbeat!

When I’m not exploring the city or taking care of my little one, I love to read, snap photos, and do artsy stuff (like crafty/amateur painting artsy, not art gallery/art history artsy). I’m a little bit of a snob about food and I’m passionate about eating well. I’m an elementary teacher taking some time off to be there for my baby. Mostly, I’m just a new mom who LOVES her job and does her best to convince her daughter she’s not completely winging it.