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AHHH, THE HOLIDAYS ARE STARTING! When it comes to Halloween I haven’t been a big fan, to be honest. At least when candy is no longer heavily involved. Dressing up exhausts me. So much planning, so little payoff. But when I’m dressing up a little human…THE FUN IS BACK! Reagan’s baby eyes put the magic back into all the holidays for me, so since she arrived I’m always looking for fun outings and activities (…that she won’t remember at all. But they do make for adorable photos and fun memories for the parents).

So, over the weekend we took our second annual trip to Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch with some families from our church and had a great morning! Reagan was not in a smiling mood…she loooooves being outside, but getting her to forego that “concerned look” she was born with while she takes it all in is a constant hurdle. This is pretty much the best smile we could get, but I love a good pumpkin patch pic regardless.


Last year we got her all dressed up at Clancy’s, but this year we didn’t think she’d be quite as willing to be placed in doll-like positions for any worth-it period of time, so we put it off till later (see below for adorable ladybug).


Clancy’s feels like you’ve stepped out of the city into a quaint little farm. There are rows of pumpkins of course, scattered with hay bales and a variety of fun scarecrows. Reagan forgot she’s tiny and spent the majority of the morning trying to pick up every pumpkin in the place.

2015-10-24 10.40.25

Clancy’s even has turkeys to marvel at (oh to have a toddler’s perception of what’s amazing), a pony ride (she would probably flip if we tried to have her ride it, but she had a grand time watching them), and a hay maze (she was too grossed out by the straw on her hands to try it, but I’m sure everyone else enjoyed the spectacle I made of myself trying to coax her into it).

2015-10-24 10.22.00

Before we left we had lunch on the grounds before going on a hay ride around the decorated parking lot (Reagan spent her ride burying another little girl’s feet in hay while I pretended I didn’t notice). Then we picked a pumpkin for carving and let her pick a little one for herself. She carried it to the car, which next to the giant pipes was definitely her favorite part!

2015-10-24 10.58.10 HDR

If you’re looking for a fall activity in San Francisco, Clancy’s is a winner!

Halloween activity #2? Dress up my child in an adorable costume for a highly chaotic baby photo shoot with friends. Tip of the day: Get your Halloween costumes secondhand at Once Upon a Child! Last year’s owl was about $36 from Pottery Barn. Adorable ladybug? Eight bucks.

Don't worry, moms of dressed up little screamers. It took about 30 takes to get this photo.
Don’t worry, moms of dressed up little screamers. It took about 30 takes to get this photo.


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