sanity-saving apps for new mamas

Ahh, the world of baby apps. Hundreds of helpful tidbits to make your life feel just a little bit less chaotic, especially during the absurdity that is the first year.

Unfortunately, our parents can’t help us in this department, and even searching for apps that are supposed to help you can end up making you feel like you’ve just jumped into another pool of chaos. But don’t miss out on the benefits! Don’t worry, I whittled it down for you.

Here are a few I use and love:

Baby Nursing (Free)- My first year lifeline. The dream for Type A’s everywhere. This app is so easy to use, and has sections to track nursing, bottles, solid foods, measurements, pumping sessions, doctor’s appointments, diapers, vaccinations…pretty much anything you may worry about over the first year. For some, keeping track of things like this might make you crazy, but for me (and I’m sure many of you), it significantly calms my fears. Instead of relying only on my crazy sleep-deprived distortions of reality, I have data to convince my brain otherwise. It also just enables me to make sure everything is happening that should be, since my postpartum memory seems to be lacking significantly.

Sound Sleeper ($2.99)-  I’m a firm believer in the book The Happiest Baby on the Block. Following Harvey Karps’ method for soothing was the only way I got through the first few months with my colicky baby. Today, I still use (much quieter) white noise to help my toddler sleep. If I didn’t, the cacophony of sirens, angry horns, arguing taxi drivers, cables cars, street cleaners, and motorcycles that should be egged would undoubtedly wake her. This app has a ton of great white noise sounds of every variety (including a womb sound). There is a free version, but it shuts off after 30 minutes (I’m telling you this so it doesn’t create utter panic for you when it shuts off 30 minutes into a nap like it did me).
Rhonna Designs ($1.99)- This isn’t specifically a baby app, but I used it to create weekly pregnancy photos and weekly/monthly growth photos of my little weed. Great fonts and cute graphics for these little keepsakes.

2014-04-20 19.42.34

11 months


The Wonder Weeks ($2.99)- I read a lot over those first couple of months. A LOT. Partly because I wanted to understand my baby and what I could do to help her. And partly just because I was nursing around the clock and had a lot of time on my hands. I bought the book The Wonder Weeks because I find it interesting to get more details. If you’re not a reader, or just don’t have time, this app is a great overview of research on mental leaps babies presumably go through during the first year. The theory is that baby brains grow in predictable spurts, and when a brain change occurs there will be a corresponding “fussy period.” I found it to be pretty accurate with my baby, and knowing when leaps would be coming helped me understand why she may be uncharacteristically fussy.

Feel free to comment below to give me some ideas for the next time around!


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