me. working mom.

Whew! I made it! We made it, I should say, since Reagan and Pat were both put through quite a bit over the past week. I know how resilient kids are, but that somehow doesn’t make me feel much better about tossing my daughter around in the wind.

Last week was my first week back at work part-time, so I guess that officially makes me a “working mom.” It feels good to be back in the classroom. It turns out I still remember how to be a teacher, and no one threw tomatoes at me on Back to School Night. Winner winner.

On the other hand, it’s only been a week, and I can already tell the balance is going to be tough at first. It feels like I’ve now lived two lives- the one where I went to school and worked, and the one where I was a mom. Blending them together feels like risky business. I picture myself attempting to stand precariously on a raft only large enough for my feet, swaying back and forth with the current, where all around me others are effortlessly floating past me like balancing experts.

The past week was full of staff development, the First Day of School, Back to School Night, and a new nanny, with four full days and one night away from my baby. I’m exhausted. But knowing that from here on out I’ll generally be in the classroom only two days a week, calling myself a “working mom” actually feels a little unfair to those of you who work full-time. How do you do it?!

The past week has also given me a better appreciation for my husband. Every morning since she was a week old, he has kissed that chubby little face goodbye and gone into work. Not only that, but he somehow manages to succeed at what he does. Then he tries to get home early enough to spend time with us before doing it all over again. And he doesn’t even complain about it. As a natural complainer in rehab, that’s the most amazing part to me.

This is a brand new season we’re all heading into, and I feel a little guilty for putting my daughter and husband through so much change just for me.

But it’s also exciting. A new season means new opportunities for adventure.

So here we go.

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